Tinos is the assimilation of two distinct worlds: the Orthodox and the Catholic. To be greeted with a warm welcome, one’s ancestors should be patrons of the “right” religion, contingent on visiting the village. Fortunately, vendettas are set aside when it comes to travelers, and hearts are left wide open. Interposed between Syros and Andros, Tinos is a well-kept secret for decades. Formerly home to the Cyclades' largest population — at least during the Venetian rule with 35,000 registered residents. Since then, it has the largest trail network in the prefecture. This network is so vast that you can get anywhere without ever setting foot on asphalt. You just need colossal endurance! Just keep in mind, before you set out to conquer this little-known land: the trees are sparse, and the beaches are wild. Tinos is like a mountain growing out of the water. The entire island is landscaped with terraces, as if by a divine architect. Scattered intricate dovecotes testify to the island’s past idiosyncratic eating habits, which were too slippery for cows! If you’re so inclined, you can still encounter dove delicacies. But, if you really want to get a taste of the island, then the Artichoke Festival in the village of Komi is quite a treat. Tinos is currently undergoing a new wave of esteem thanks to eclectic nature lovers, enthusiastic young surfers, gourmet globetrotters, and artists. Nevertheless, there are so many villages this little place never feels crowded. Even those living there will admit there is something new to discover every day.