Blue Cocoon is a local team of well-connected travel tastemakers and experts that design sophisticated, tailor-made trips within Greece for the niche traveler. We serve as a boutique luxury destination management company (DMC) and specialize in the creative planning, booking, and meticulous handling of authentically immersive trips, offering you more meaningful time to be, space to unwind, and inspiration to discover.  As a division of Horizon Travel, our history is rich in tradition and innovation. Like Greece itself, we owe our achievements to the dedication and the collaboration of visionary people. 


Like a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, travel can be transformational. Nourished by our expertise, it can be life-changing. Whether it is a spark of curiosity to uncover the secrets of the gods, embrace the endless blue, feel the serendipitous warmth of Greek philoxenia, or indulge in uninterrupted relaxation, we take the time to understand your needs so that we are well-positioned to advise with the utmost discretion where to go and how to invest your time. Getting to know you, your expectations, and your trip’s vision is crucial to ensure that every element of your Greek holiday is perfectly tailored. We will guide you with confidence through our mindfully vetted options, from the rustic jewels of the mainland and the idyllic islands of the Aegean to the different types of accommodation and richly textured experiences that suit your way of living. Our trips are far from carbon-copy, and our inspiration is to spin a cocoon that is truly unique to you.


At Blue Cocoon, we believe in the positive influence of travel. Not only for the travelers and their experiences but also for the destinations they visit and the world as a whole. We are committed to preserving authenticity while respecting and enhancing our communities’ heritage, culture, traditions, and distinctiveness. We take pride in creating honest, thoughtful, and “hyperlocal” experiences. Our growth and success are measured not only by our blue-ribbon guest experiences but rather by our collective ability to make a diverse contribution to the local economy and the empowering opportunities we offer our trusted partners throughout Greece.


An ancient Greek virtue at the core of Blue Cocoon is “philoxenia.” Translated from Greek, philoxenia literally means “friend to a stranger.” To understand philoxenia’s cultural law and the great respect and honor bestowed from host to guest, we’ll share with you Ovid’s 8 A.D. enchanting story, Metamorphoses

Once upon a time, Philemon and Baucis lived a long life nobly but in poverty. Zeus, king of the gods, had heard of the virtuous couple. Still, due to all his previous experiences with humans, he had serious doubts about their goodness. Disguised as worn and weary travelers, Zeus and Hermes visited many villages searching for a refuge for the night. The inhabitants rudely rejected the gods.

Everyone considered them unwelcome guests, apart from the poor elderly couple Baucis and Philemon. The couple welcomed them as guests in their home and served them food and wine with open hands in front of their small fireplace. The elderly couple soon noticed that no matter how often they poured from it, the wine jug was never empty. Philemon then realized that the guests were actually gods and, without hesitation, sacrificed their only goose to feed them. Moved by this gesture, Zeus rewarded their generosity by transforming the humble hut into a beautiful stone temple. When asked what divine favor they wished for, the couple said they wished to become temple priests and die together and stay together for eternity. Their wish was granted, and when they died, they were transformed into intertwined trees that guarded each side of the temple door.