From the first steps into the bustling port of Chora, one discovers that the island's history stretches beyond myth and legend into a crossbreed that spans millennia. From the Mycenaean, Roman, and Byzantine roots to the Venetian and Ottoman occupations, Naxos' main port betrays its glorious history. Strolling through the stone-paved streets that connect the port with the inner part of town, leaving behind the busy bars and tavernas, we soon find ourselves lost in the labyrinth of the hidden alleys of the district of Bourgos (Old Town), which offers a spellbinding journey back to the Middle Ages. Picturesque courtyards, old mansions bearing coats of arms on their window frames, and medieval gates lead up to Kastro's district (Castle), the former residence of prominent Venetian families that founded the Duchy of Naxos in the 13th century. Its landscape spans mountain villages, ancient ruins, and long stretches of beach. At one thousand meters above sea level, Mount Zeus, you'll encounter the highest peak in the Cyclades. Being blessed with natural springs, waterfalls, and rivers has facilitated the growth of agricultural commerce. Naxos is a paradise of fertile land, possessing most of the qualities for self-sufficiency. The island's produce is renowned across Greece for its unique quality and taste. Make sure to try the well pampered "Arseniko Naxou" cheese, rich in flavor Naxian potatoes, as well as Kitron, an award-winning local lemon-citrus liqueur.