Whether a resolute party-goer or one seeking to embrace stillness and minimal Cycladic beauty, the island is the ideal place to harvest contrasting whims. Settled down by fishermen and goatherds, the rocky island of Mykonos soared in the 1960s, when a crowd of well-groomed bohemians fostered it into a jet-setters’ Mecca. Free-spirited artists, businessmen, movie stars, fashion designers, models, and socialites from all over the world brushed shoulders in its maze-like alleys. The international allure and glamour of that era continue to this day since the bohemians of the 1960s built their homes, making them a family heirloom. Next to Mykonos is the islet of Delos, the ancient world’s most sacred site, around which you can reach by private boat and swim in the azure waters of its coves. If seen-and-be-seen is not on your agenda, you can discover a more intimate Mykonos in the spring with floral-covered hills and traditional Greek Easter festivities in Hora and the island’s only village, Ano Mera.