Often considered a nation of its own, Crete is the largest Greek island and unlike any other. Tropical enough to ensure a steady supply of ripe bananas and creamy avocados for the whole country. Home to wild wedding traditions, feisty unconquered villages, and the legendary “Psarantonis” clan, which inspired three generations of musicians, with the same love and passion for Crete and its traditional rhythms. Local eating habits have been the topic of several nutritional studies highlighting the values of a macrobiotic diet focused on local produce, slow cooking methods, and rich quantities of extra virgin olive oil. Unsurprising, since olive trees have been seen to surpass the Cretan population by 500 to one! Learn all about the Minoans, the Cretans’ proud ancestors, who bequeathed the island with a rich tradition in pottery and fascinating mythology. Having a deeply rooted Greek soul, this island has an abundance of fascinating towns. The capital city of Heraklion is vibrant and urbanized. It serves as a gateway to the rest of the Cretan adventure. To the east of Heraklion lies the coastal town of Agios Nikolaos, home to a very different set of thrills. To the west, the fading Venetian harbor of Chania is bound to strike a chord, as its turbulent is barely contained inside the Old Town, brimming with 14th-century charms. Chania can be either your final destination or an integral stop along the way.